Image by Kelly Sikkema

COVID-19 Updates

The following protocols are in place:

For each visit:

  • Please wear a face mask covering your mouth and your nose - masks are available on site if needed.

  • Temperature checks are performed using a no-contact forehead thermometer. Temperature must be below 100.4F to be seen for care.

  • COVID screening questions will be asked by the doctor.

  • Hand hygiene must be performed by either washing hands or using hand sanitizer.

  • Please arrive as close to appointment time as possible to limit contact with other clients.

    • You are welcome to wait in your car and text the office that you have arrived​


During care:

  • Doctor sanitizes or washes hands pre and post each client. 

  • Doctor wears a face mask that covers nose and mouth.

  • Doctor can wear non-latex gloves upon request.

  • Physical distancing is practiced when possible (during exams, education, etc).

  • Air filter (HEPA) is used and door is partially open to improve ventilation.


After care:

  • All points of contact are sanitized using an EPA approved cleaner.

    • Cleaner is kid safe, pet friendly, and has no toxic chemicals.​

  • Face clothes and linens are changed after each client.

  • Gaps are placed in the schedule to allow for cleaning and limiting contact within the office. 

Telehealth visits are available for going over health history, discussing care plans, and education.

It is a pleasure to be part of your health and wellness team.