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Postural changes placed on a woman’s body during pregnancy can cause a significant amount of stress to the muscles, ligaments, & tendons of the low back & pelvis . These stresses can lead to the pelvis becoming torqued or twisted, which can affect the balance of the pelvis, & may compromise the space for baby to move & grow.

Chiropractors certified in the Webster Technique work to restore a state of balance to the pelvis; by addressing the joints, muscles, & ligaments, to create an environment that allows for optimal space for baby. 

The Webster technique is a chiropractic analysis and gentle adjustment of the sacrum. As with all chiropractic adjustments, our intent is to improve the nervous system so the body can function better. As with all sacral adjustments, pelvic balance is improved. A balanced pelvis reduces undue tension in the attached muscles and ligaments.


Birth is hard work. For mama and baby. Following birth, you've got your hands full with a newborn. Your life can be flipped upside down during this time and caring for yourself can be set aside.

Many women accept certain changes as "the price of childbirth," but making postpartum care a priority can help you to overcome the aches of nursing neck, body discomfort, or emotional challenges that may occur following birth. 

Chiropractic care is one tool I recommend for all postpartum women. Chiropractic adjustments assists as your body heals from birth and gets used to carrying your baby in your arms. Aligning your body and balancing your nervous system can help to bring ease and balance to your physical body and emotional mind.


Chiropractic care for infants, babies, and children is different than chiropractic care for adults. It is a gentle and effective way of helping their brain and body to grow and develop throughout childhood. 

The nervous system develops rapidly during the first couple of years of life. Milestones are nature's way of telling us the brain is developing as scheduled. Missing or weak milestones can indicate a need for the brain to be balanced and reconnected. 

It is easier to grow healthy children than to fix broken adults. Which is why I recommended chiropractic care for all infants and children, to assist in making growing up a smooth transition.


All services are tailored to address individual needs.

At home activities, nutritional recommendations, soft tissue and fascial work, and connection to other providers are some of the additional ways that Lumos works to serve you. 

Struggling to get pregnant? Preconception chiropractic and nutritional plans coming soon!



First Visits 

$120 First Visit Assessment

FREE Consultations

Returning Visits

$40 Spinal Assessment
$85 Progress and Spinal Assessment

Home Visits

Home visits allow for a private, comfortable environment for you and your family to receive care. Home visits will be subject to a travel fee per household. Must be an established practice member.

To ensure that your care is about you, I am out of network with all insurance companies. I am happy to provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Many insurance companies end up being a barrier to care, especially within the prenatal and pediatric populations. This allows you and I to determine the care that you or your child may need. 



Yes! Dr. Emma is Webster technique certified, a pregnancy specific technique. She has also had additional training to provide care and support during the prenatal and postpartum periods. Chiropractic care during pregnancy may help to decrease discomfort from pregnancy pains, improve energy levels, and help you sleep better. It may also help to decrease risk of factors that can cause dystocia (prolonged/stalled labor) by balancing the pelvis . Chiropractic care is a valuable asset to your birth team to prepare your body, mind, and nervous system for bringing new life into our world.


Birth is a huge event! Everything that mama goes through, baby does too. All types of birth; vaginal, provider assisted, instrument assisted, or cesarean can put pressure and stress on the nervous system and developing spine. Early childhood is full of learning, which often means little bumps and bruises. Dr. Emma has had extensive training with pediatric chiropractic and nervous system development. Chiropractic adjustments for infants and young children are like "putting your finger on butter and waiting for it to melt." Infants and young children's bodies are very receptive to change and all bodies want to be well and connected.⁠⠀


Chiropractic care is like brushing your teeth, exercising, eating your veggies, or restful sleep, it is something that you do to take care of your body and health. Adjustments help to balance your body, which can ease aches and pains if they are present. Adjustments help to realign your nervous system so that your brain can talk to your body and process the stress you encounter daily. Taking care of your body and your nervous system should be a regular practice, a tool in your tool box of self care, and something you teach your children when showing them how to care for their body and their home.


Nothing. Chiropractic care is not treatment care for conditions or diseases. Chiropractic works to restore normal function to your body, so that your body can work as designed. Chiropractors work with the nervous system using gentle spinal adjustments (with hands or instruments) to reduce stress that can cause interference to your nervous system. Your nervous system controls all the other systems of your body; digestive, hormonal, immune, respiratory, etc.  Chiropractic care works to help you to create a balance between the stressors of life and normal body function.

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