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At Lumos Chiropractic, we believe that your body is intelligent. We believe your body has great power, including the ability to heal and change. These concepts are vital to the prenatal period and early childhood, both are periods in life when your body is undergoing great and rapid changes. Chiropractic care helps to ensure that your brain, nervous system, and body can effectively and completely communicate without interference. Clear communication is essential in allowing your body to wholly function.

We are happy to serve mothers, children, and their families in Tacoma and surrounding areas.

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From preconception thru birth, chiropractic care helps your body to adapt to the continual changes that occur during the growth and development of your baby. Our goal is help your brain, body, and self transition through this period with ease, comfort, and balance.



After birth, it is equally as important to care for mama as it is for baby. It takes time and patience for you to understand and come to know your postpartum body. During this period, we love to be part of your team as you discover your resilience and strength while healing after birth.



Babies and children greatly benefit from chiropractic care as their bodies are rapidly growing and changing. Development and growth are controlled by the brain and nervous system. Keeping the brain and body connected is crucial as milestones are reached and throughout childhood.

By appointment only.

OFFICE HOURS AVAILABLE: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

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