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Pregnancy and Nausea 

So many pregnant mamas complain of morning sickness during pregnancy, but it can more accurately be called "all day" sickness. Typically it shows up in the first trimester and resolves once the second trimester is reached, but often times it can last well into the second trimester, and even return or continue into the third trimester.

These poor pregnant mamas that suffer from nausea anytime during pregnancy can have a difficult time finding options that are safe and effective to help. Common simple home remedies are great for some, but not all. Here is a comprehensive list of tips and resources to help relieve symptoms of nausea during pregnancy. Try some, or try all to find out what works best for you.

Nausea Tips:

  1. Diet is a major factor in how our body is feeling and functioning, especially during pregnancy. A high protein diet will help stabilize your blood sugar and avoid quick crashes that come with a high carb/sugar diet. If you need help knowing the recommended pregnant nutrient levels I highly recommend reading Real Food for Pregnancy by Lilly Nichols.

  2. Ginger root is a very well known remedy for tummy issues. Adding ginger to tea, smoothies, or food is the easiest way to get real ginger into your body. However, ginger capsules can be very helpful if you are not wild about the taste of ginger and there have been studies showing they have the best efficacy. The capsules can come in liquid form making it easier to absorb. Of course, you can drink ginger ale too or even the ginger gummy chews to help, as well.

  3. Eating small meals or eating often throughout the day so your stomach is never really empty is another way to help nausea. Try starting the day with some crackers or almonds even before you lift your head off your pillow or during the night so your stomach isn’t empty for an extended length of time.

  4. Lemon water is another staple and common remedy. Some mamas report having cold water helps, but other mamas report warm water and lemon is more effective. You can also add in other fruit to help with water aversion due to nausea. Also try some fresh mint leaves to stomach the water. Water is very important during pregnancy, so make sure you are drinking enough.

  5. Take a good prenatal vitamin. Try taking them before bed to avoid it hurting your stomach in the early morning. If you need help finding a good quality one, I’d be happy to help.

  6. Chiropractic adjustments help to allow your nervous system to function as it should, which will allow your body to heal and balance those hormones better, so you can feel better over all. If your nervous system is able to tell your body how to function properly then your body will be able to function better and feel better throughout your pregnancy.

  7. There are essential oils for everything, and morning sickness is no exception. Diffusing them, or using them topically can be beneficial in decreasing nausea symptoms. Try using lemon or a digestive bend to help. 

  8. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and can help with tension headaches, so adding this to your daily supplement routine will not only help with nausea, but other muscle complaints, too. Most prenatal vitamins will have a small amount of magnesium in them, but taking an extra supplement will make sure you have enough for your daily value.

  9. Papaya enzymes are great for indigestion and heartburn, in addition to helping with morning sickness, if you experience that as well. 

  10. Vitamin B6- Taking a daily supplement of Vitamin B6 to help. Taking it in the morning and the evening can be helpful. 

  11. Unisom and Vit B6, this combination is the same combo your doctor may prescribe but can be easily obtained. However, always consult your provider before taking anything new.

  12. Get your iodine levels checked and make sure those are in the normal range because there is new research out talking about low levels of Iodine relating to morning sickness.

  13. Make sure your provider is checking your iron levels. An iron supplement is common for pregnant moms to need, but make sure it is necessary before you start taking it. You can also add more iron rich foods in your diet to help naturally.

Remember to always consult your birth provider (midwife, OB) to make sure what you are

taking is safe for you.

These tips and tricks may help you feel better while experiencing morning sickness, but it is important to remember to look for the root cause and not just cover up your symptoms. When our bodies are not functioning at their best, we feel pain, or other symptoms like nausea, that is our body’s way of telling us that something is not right. Chiropractic care is a great foundational tool to help you find the root cause. Learn more about prenatal chiropractic care and the prenatal Webster Technique here.

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